Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ArkieStyle on the Web and on Etsy

This blog as a fashion blog has been defunct for some time now.

But ArkieStyle is still up and running, as a jewelry, art and graphic design business!

Click here to see all the jewelry on Etsy!

Click here for more than just jewerly, like prints, t-shirts, artwork and graphic design. My portfolio, contact info and much more!

I leave you with some photos:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just need some suggestions!

So I know I am not really blogging anymore, because I am making thousands and thousands of jewelry pieces...check them out HERE!

But I still LOVE to read other people's blogs and do so almost daily. I get lots of ideas from them.
Such as:
  • Pattern Mixing. LOVE IT! Plaids with florals? Where do I sign up?
  • The wide array of ways to wear chambray. I bought a chambray shirt at Old Navy and wondered how I ever was able to get dressed without it???
  • COLORED TIGHTS. My one true dream in life is to own a pair of tights in every color that was ever known to man.

But I also get lots of frustrations.

Many of the more "successful" blogs always feature less than stout women, it seems. (Note I said many, not all.) There are great blogs for the plus-size ladies, the tiny ones (everytime I hear how great it is to shop in the kids department, I die a little inside) but none, it's seems, for the in-between!

All these lovely, child-section-shopping women always seem to get lots of cute stuff c/o amazing places like ModCloth. Oh wait, ModCloth isn't that amazing because everything is TINY.(except the shoes) I couldn't even dream of buying two dresses and sewing them into one to fit me. And I am a size 12...not THAT large!!!!!

I just get really frustrated when it's like "look at me! so cute in this FREE DRESS that doesn't even exist in your size!"

Ok. That was my rant. And why oh why have I titled this post as I did?

Because I want some more suggestions of blogs to read! From you! My 13 readers!

My ideal and totally unreasonable fantasy blog:
Woman who has my exact same body
Who likes to shop in thirft stores, Target, estate sales and online...FOR REAL CHEAP
And who likes a bit of classic, mixed with some vintage and fun pieces, in totally flattering shapes
And always looks totally polished with a funky, artisitic and unexpected edge.

I mean, is that too much to ask??? Really? Really?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Movin' and a'shakin'!

Hey everyone!
So I have taken the plunge and am putting all my extra time and efforts into my freelance world!
I will still enjoy checking out everyone's style blogs of course!!!!

Check out the site here:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And now for a change of pace.

I love reading your blogs. And even more, I love looking at your photos. But due to an inexplicable and hopefully temporary lapse in my self image, all the lovely blogs have made me feel less than par. Wait just a darn minute I said to myself upon this realization. How ironic, how completely opposite of the inspiration and warm fuzzy feelings that I was getting not so long ago.
I am going to chalk up my change in feelings up to a bit of stress in preparing from my trip to Zimbabwe. Oh and also to my hair, as I posted last time.

So, with that said, I am going to shift my focus for a bit. Or maybe forever. I want to mix in some more day-to-day, around the house "fashion" photos. As well as other things that I feel fall into the category of "Arkie Style." Art, nature, food, warthogs, junkyards ... you get the idea.


My sweetie Judge, my roomie Spero and my friend Adam Faucett went to Bingo in Pine Bluff on Friday night.

We arrived as the sky was beginning to turn that ominous shade of gray. As you can see, the Bingo hall is a really nice place. We are clearly pumped to get a-playin!

Spero has DABBIN FEVER. So does Adam.

There are so many amazing things going on in this photo. On the top left, on the wall, you will notice a picture of two cartoon dancing horses. Perhaps a standard fixture at all Bingo halls?
Move to the right a bit and we see the Arkansas flag.
Then there is me, with that look of either concern or disbelief. Or maybe I am so concerned how how unbelievable something is.
Judge is just in amazement of that Frito Chili Pie. And let's be honest, nothing beats a Bingo hall Frito Chili Pie.

And here we are at the end of Bingo. None of us won any money, but we had a hell of a time dabbing out numbers for 3 hours straight.

Oh and have you ever wondered if it's possible to drink a white wine spritzer from a Thermos? Well, it is.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ups and downs

I am mad at my hair. Usually, it's one of my best features. It's really thick, stays pretty healthy and can look pretty good as long as I take the time to style it. Yet it has taken an unhealthy turn. And there is only myself to blame. My flip-flopping mind has changed it from blond, to red, to blond, to brown in a little over a year. All that has taken its toll on my poor locks. I tried last week to get it back to as close to my natural color as I could think. Well I don't know what happened, but it ended up a greenish/bluish brown. I feverishly washed it twice with dish detergent to get out excess color. Then I crushed up some vitamin C tablets, mixed those with some conditioner and left the mixture on for about a half hour. The blue and green are gone, but I am left with a reddish brown that is certainly NOT my natural color.

Le sigh. For now it will have to do until I can afford the real deal at the salon. Until then, I shall condition condition condition and work with what I got!

Oh and do some more outfit posts for ya'll!

Dress: TJ Maxx, Skirt under dress: Old Navy, Shrug: Stein Mart, Wedges: TJ Maxx, Necklace: Vintage from my Grandma, Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory

The skirt under dress trick is by far one of my faves that I have learned since starting this blog. I have a lot of dresses that are a tad too short for work, but layering a skirt underneath does the trick! Most of the time, people just think it's part of the dress!

Oh and at $7, this dress was an absolute STEAL! And it might be my most favorite dress. I'm not even sure if it's been on the blog or not. Just the flowy shape and bright colors make me feel happy!

Ok and let me just say, I feel quite vain writing an entire paragraph dedicated to the quality of my hair. I am making a trip to Zimbabwe in less than two weeks, where people hardly have enough food to eat and are lucky to have an inkpen to take to school. And here I am blabbing on about my dried out, over processed hair. On one hand, it was on my mind and I needed to unload! On the other hand ... well I should be thankful for what I have and not complain about hair. You know how it goes. Le sigh. Again.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to Shimmerton

Tunic: Urban Oufitters, Sweater: Jcrew, Belt: Burlington Coat Factory, Leggings: Target, Shoes: TJ Maxx, Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory (wow! BCF makes a rare double appearance.)

This photo does all my shimmerin' no justice! This amazing bargain from UO last summer ($5!) is a surprisingly shiny yet versatile piece! Not to be outdone in the shine department, the pewter belt makes its first appearance. Anyways, I was kind of not that excited about this outfit when I originally put it on, but I got a ton of compliments at work. And I suppose I trust my coworkers opinions in general ... so, viola! This getup gets to be on the blog!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

And the shoe challenge winner is ...

TaDa!!!! These babies were not even a contender. For some reason, when I searched for pink shoes on endless.com, these didn't show up. Perhaps because they are called "peach" on the box. But whatever, they sure look pink to me.

And want to know the best part? They were on clearance for $23!!!!! Hooray!

Let's all just say a prayer that I don't fall and bust my as in these massive heels. The odds are not in my favor, however, because there is going to be an OPEN BAR at the rehearsal dinner. (Thanks Mom!)